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Survival Craft Zoo

Survival craft is awesome there are lots and lots of  things you can do. On survival craft I made a zoo here are the pictures of the cages in my zoo.If you don’t now what survival craft  it is  basically Minecraft but a way better version.In my zoo I’ve got lots of animals. I’ve got stingrays sea bass freshwater bass piranhas sharks tigers lions rhinos giraffes zebras hyenas, camels, ostriches, brown, black and polar bears.


A squad clone base

The secret A-squad clone base is hidden in a very dark cave but the base has lights to see in the dark. The base has an attack turret to protect the base. If the turret gets distroyed the clones inside can protect it.





This mind map will show you lots of things about Minecraft. I like Minecraft because you craft things.

The mini kashyyk tank

This mini tank can travle in the woods very easily because it has blades to cut through the woods. This mini tank is battling the separatists army on kashyyk. General Grievious is leading the separatists army to destroy republic troops, wich are hiding in the woods. General Grievious orders his droids to set the woods on fire to drive the troops out of the woods. But master yoda jumps down from a tree platform and destroys the droids before they set the woods on fire and he saves the troops.

The golden tri scythe and other awesome weapons!

The golden tri scythe belongs to cole zx. The golden tri scythe can crumble to dust and turn into the same weapon. The double decker shurikin of ice belongs to nrg zane. it is made with one lego stick and two lego shurikins of ice.The fire axe belongs to kendo kai. the fire axe is a very powerful weapon because it has a part of a axe and fire. The double decker axe belongs to zane zx. it has a double blade, one made of bronze and one of silver. The last weapon is called double cut and belongs to Jay zx. This weapon is strange because it is made of two swords and a sharp blade. I made up three of these weapons, can you guess which ones?


The Republic’ s base

Me and my dad made a film with istopmotion and we slowed it down and we made the Lego figures talk. thank you  Gavin Smart for telling me how to make it slowly.

The cargo colletor droid

This little droid collects boxes from the jedi temple. My friend Noa showed me how to make it. If  you want to make one look at the instructions in the photo  gallery.

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