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The golden tri scythe and other awesome weapons!

December 12, 2012

The golden tri scythe belongs to cole zx. The golden tri scythe can crumble to dust and turn into the same weapon. The double decker shurikin of ice belongs to nrg zane. it is made with one lego stick and two lego shurikins of ice.The fire axe belongs to kendo kai. the fire axe is a very powerful weapon because it has a part of a axe and fire. The double decker axe belongs to zane zx. it has a double blade, one made of bronze and one of silver. The last weapon is called double cut and belongs to Jay zx. This weapon is strange because it is made of two swords and a sharp blade. I made up three of these weapons, can you guess which ones?



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  1. Wow, some of these look and sound quite scary. I’m guessing you made up the weapon with ice in it – and the one that crumbles to dust. They all sound awesome. Am I right please?

  2. You got one wrong and that was the golden tri scythe and the other one you got right.

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