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Happy birthday Mamma

June 9, 2012

I made this video for  my Mamma with my brothers Stefano, Luca and Martino. We used iMovie on the iPad.


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  1. It’s my Dad’s birthday today, too. I got my kids to ring him up and sing Happy Birthday. I don’t think my idea was as cool as yours

  2. WOW!!! Your mother must be soooooooooo impressed!!!! What a lucky mom to have such creative boys!
    Ms Farmer

  3. WOW!!! Your mother must be soooooooooo impressed!!!! What a lucky mom to have such creative boys!
    Ms Farmer

  4. Mrs Skinner permalink

    This is brilliant boys! I would love to have a video like this. I’m sure Mum was delighted. You look after her now!

  5. Love the movie for your mom. You must have made her feel very special! My 8 year old daughter is thinking about starting her own site. I will definitely have her check yours out!

  6. pookyhesmondhalgh permalink

    Fabulous video – I bet your Mum loved it!

  7. Thomas Family permalink

    We love the blog Matteo! Thanks for writing it – we hope you might inspire Megan to start one of her own up here. We’d be interested to heat what you’re learning about Jesus in Sunday School and Junior Club. Could you post about those things sometime too? Bye for now!

  8. Fantastic idea – great film – what a lucky mummy to have 4 lovely, thoughtful sons. Think I might have a go myself for Fathers Day!

  9. @Bbear21 permalink

    Cool! Blogging, movie making, working with your brothers to produce a visual treat for your Mum’s birthday – I love it!
    Think I’ll have to share your creativity with my new class in September as a stimulus for their Mother’s Day project. Looking forward to your next blog entry.

  10. Wendy Allan permalink

    Love the video and the Lego, Matteo. See you all for lunch. Scarey! Grandma and Grandad

  11. Wow, what a fab video! I bet your mum was soooo pleased to get this on her birthday. Well done for a fantastic blog as well. My Reception Class have a blog, why don’t you take a look?

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